Should I Keep Renting Or Buy A Home?

Here’s a story I hear pretty often: “I’ve been renting for years at my location but my landlord is selling the property (or wants to move back in). Should I keep rent or should I buy?” And then… “If I buy, does it make sense for me to live in it myself, or should I buy an investment property and keep renting?” If these are questions you find yourself asking yourself too, read...

THREE Things First Time Home Buyers Need to Know!

Buying your first condo can be an exciting time. You get to live out a dream you’ve been planning in your head for years. But how do you make that dream a reality? Hello Condo is here to help, so we’ve put together some invaluable resources to help you learn more about your financing options for your first home. 1. You’ll need a downpayment. With most properties, you’ll be expected to provide a...

Real Estate Forecasts for 2019

The Toronto real estate market has been a source of anxiety for many city dwellers for several years. Condo owners are thinking of selling because of tight margins with investments, and fewer people are buying houses due to skyrocketing prices that demand nearly 72% of one’s income for mortgage payments. There’s a seemingly never-ending fear of a bubble, and concerns about whether or not a condo will...


Risks (and Rewards) of GTA Pre-construction Properties

Buying a condo in Toronto can seem like a daunting task. The prices are high, the investment seems risky, and there’s no knowing how the real estate market may shift in the coming years. One excellent option is buying a pre-construction condo that gives you the flexibility to choose and design your space from the get-go. Most affordable (and already built) condos in the city require a lot of work. On top...

The Pros and Cons of Condo Investments in 2019

Investing in real estate in Toronto can feel a little daunting, especially to those new to the industry. However, now may be one of the best times to invest, specifically in condos. The reasons are many: lower mortgage payments than detached homes, higher average selling prices, and a growing rental market that definitely favors landlords...it’s a great time to say hello (or rather, invest) in a new...

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